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Ph.D. in business, University of Chicago



Dr. Jarrell's research interests integrate microeconomics, law and corporate finance.

She has developed a method for measuring the actual impact of mergers and other major restructurings, including management buyouts and the adoption of alternative management approaches such as total quality management and value-based management, on long-term corporate performance.

* Managerial economics and macroeconomics
* Corporate finance, corporate and strategic valuation techniques
* Link between quality management and strategic financial management
* Integration of microeconomics, law and corporate finance
* Impact of mergers and managerial restructuring on corporate performance


BS, University of Delaware; MBA, PhD, University of Chicago


Dr. Jarrell is author of "Driving Shareholder Value: Value-Building Techniques for Creating Shareholder Wealth."

The book targets professionals and combines cutting-edge academic and field research with the complex strategic issues facing corporate executives.

She recently won international honors with "Minority Shareholder Expropriation and Asymmetric Information Flows in a Global Registered Share: The Saga of DaimlerChrysler," joint work with Rick Harris.


media, corporate governance, writing, teaching, public speaking, research, consulting, and providing expert testimony in all things economics and finance, including valuation, strategic financial management, securities fraud, regulatory economics, and antitrust cases.